Patricia Burke is an outstanding model of perfect health. Her age would astonish you as she is vibrant with energy & wisdom. Her accomplishments are vast and interesting. Patricia obtained her private pilot’s license in her 20s and has flown extensively throughout the U.S. by private plane. Three years ago she completed Master Gardner training. Totaled, she has over 5 decades of marriage, family and relationship experience, holds a social science degree and has over 35 years in the field of social psychology & healthcare. Her collection of data from longitudinal studies, has contributed to the National Institutes of Health Research and Science Policies. Aside from extensive work in clinical psychology settings, her skills have been implemented as a mental health emotional intervention crisis line counselor. She has worked with varied populations that range from juveniles to seniors and hospice care for the departing. 

Although Patricia is retired, she can not give up on the passion she innately has for helping others heal. She is the co-founder of Transformational Energy Therapy, (TET). TET delves into the core structure of individual limitations and patterns that create a person’s current health and circumstances. TET guides one to an expanded conscious, awareness and restored harmony.