Massage therapy helps you tune into your own body on a deeper level. It helps you to process and cultivate emotional intelligence and activate crucial levels of self care. A regular self care practice reduces stress and supports the development of mindfulness, and an improved awareness of one’s own needs for wellness.

You will always have the opportunity to choose your favorite therapy and take time for you, away from the hustle and the bustle. Our goals are to provide you with customized beneficial therapies. New clients can expect a 15 minutes introduction to the Radiant Health approach to reducing physiological and psychological stressors.  

Therapies range from stress and pain management to targeted specific goals with function and structure, for improving your quality of life. Hands on healing techniques are the world’s oldest forms of health care and help support reduction of pain, tension, anxiety, support for life changes, goals and health regimes, increased muscle tone, circulation, decreased symptoms of disease, increased immunity, creativity, neuromuscular function, better rest and feelings of well being. At Radiant Health Therapy, your comfort comes first.


Hydration is always key for receiving maximum benefits from physio therapies. Hydration helps the cells & tissues flush toxins, cleanse, increases flexibility, and helps to decrease muscle and joint tension. During rest each night the fascia sheathing of connective tissues that encases the muscles, joints & organs can become thick or dense. Hydration allows connective tissues to be more pliable, decrease adhesions ( knots ), and decrease the build up toxins and lactic acid that accumulate naturally from daily activities and stressors.  


A professional massage is the treatment of psychological or physical ailments with manual techniques, hydrotherapy and movement rather than drugs or surgery, with the purpose of relieving tension or pain. Massage therapy, Sound therapy, Frequency Therapy, Enzyme Therapy and Health Coaching are supportive methods for practicing self care, decreasing vulnerabilities, cultivating personal awareness, strength and resilience.


Your personal goals and health records are completely confidential and will not be shared.


Clients are always draped with linens for privacy, comfort and optimum temperature regulation. You are left alone to disrobe and place yourself under the blanket and linens on the massage table before our team enters the room. Shiatzu and Lomi Lomi massages can be administered while fully-clothed.


During your first appointment at Radiant Health Therapy & Wellness Micro-Clinic, please expect to spend the first 15-20 minutes prior to your massage introducing yourself and discussing your health history (allergies, injuries, goals, etc.) with our team. You will be provided with a health intake form prior to your first treatment.


Please consult the “Schedule” tab on our website to make your appointment. Please note we are currently taking bookings on Wednesdays and Thursdays only.


If you are unable to make your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. A 50% charge for services not rescheduled in advance will apply.


In-home visits are available upon request and include an extra fee for travel and kit set-up.