At Radiant Health Therapy & Wellness Micro-Clinic, we work together to bring balance back to your whole body. Inspired by Swiss-style wellness spas, our massage modalities help support the human need to alleviate distraction and reconnect with one's true, core self. We can help transform your state of health by calmly addressing structure, function, life patterns and emotions. Before you know it, your body will look and feel radiant again. Step into our space and relax as natural scents calm you, warm blankets envelop you, toxins leave you and balance rushes back into you.


Reducing psychological and physiological stressors contribute to individual self care, wellness and peace of mind by rebooting the HPA Axis. ( Hypothalmus- Pituitary- Adrenal ) Incorporating healthy practices into daily whole health habits helps improve individual quality of life by reducing stress, reducing strain, reducing pain, reducing anxiety and or depression and boosting the bodies natural abilities to heal through increasing immunity, strength and better rest. The American Massage Therapy Association states that, “Massage is good medicine,” alongside 25 reasons why massage can improve health related conditions. Radiant Health treats the whole person by addressing patterns that have lead to current conditions and provides a safe nurturing environment for personal goals, stress or pain management & better health.


Alleviate pain and strain and prevent the build up of permanent scar tissues that can contribute to limitations in function and movement.

Hydration and massage helps the cells & tissues flush toxins, cleanse, increases flexibility, and help to decrease muscle and joint tension.

Truly connecting with the core self can help shed clarity on small changes that can be altered for improved health and wellness.